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Pro Tools Explained®

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Eli Krantzberg is your guide for this vast, in-depth look at Pro Tools 2022. From setting up your audio interface and recording your first track to using side-chain compression and automation, these comprehensive Pro Tools video tutorials will familiarize you with all the important elements of this music production industry standard. By the time you're through, you'll be able to record both audio and MIDI, apply effects, and mix your tracks down to a final stereo recording that can be shared with everybody. These videos are for new Pro Tools users.

After welcoming you with a brief overview of the course's contents, Eli begins by showing you how to create your first session in Pro Tools, which includes configuring your audio interface and setting up a few key preferences. Discover how to use the New Tracks dialogue box to create a new track and explore the various edit modes (Slip, Shuffle, and Spot) and grid basics. You'll also learn how to use various editing features, such as the trim, selector, grabber, and smart tools and get an overview of the main Edit Window.

Next, explore the transport functions and common navigation functions, as well as click, countoff, tempo, meter, and other time-based features. Eli then demonstrates how to get started with effects plugins, which enable you to add reverb, delay, compression, EQ, and more to help polish and enhance your tracks in creative ways. These plugins can be used as insert effects, which is often used to process one track individually, or send/return effects, which is commonly used to apply the same effect (in varying amounts) to several tracks simultaneously.

The rest of the course covers many more topics, including track presets, recording MIDI and audio, MIDI merge and quantization, loop recording, punch recording, MIDI step recording, setting up a headphone mix, monitoring modes, counters/ranges/selections, multiple takes, playlists/comping, MIDI editing, clip editing, memory locations, and so much more!

The Pro Tools video descriptions provide more detailed information on the contents of each video and also make it clear how this course will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge upon which you can build as you become more proficient. There's a lot to learn if you want to master this DAW, but you have to start somewhere; and you can't do better in that regard than this course! Watch "Pro Tools Explained®" today!

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I've been away from Pro Tools for a number of years but recently purchased the new MBOX Studio and decided I wanted to have a refresher course to get the most out of it. As I've done over the years with deeper software titles, I turned to Groove3 and was not disappointed. While I enjoy most of the trainers on this site, I particularly like Eli Krantzberg who really dives deep and touches almost all of the features so you can improve your workflow and skills. I always come away from Eli's tutorials with a much better understanding of the software. I was also pleasantly surprised at the additional "updated" videos added to the course showing off some of the new features added since the original training was launched. The use of Melodyne was a nice add. I would like to request that Eli and Groove3 do a in-depth training series on the new MBOX Studio. I think it would help a lot of people as these units make there way out into the world.

I am a: Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Pro Tools

I'm new to Pro Tools & producing music so this video series is PERFECT for me - very pragmatic, logical approach to mixing music from scratch in this incredible tool. Highly recommended!

Ely always explains his subject matter with immense knowledge but in a very easy to understand approach. This video is no exception to this rule. Check it out, informative and extremely useful; only criticism being I don't like the dark Pro Tools GUI as I find it harder to see what happening on screen. Well worth a watch though!

I am a: Hobbyist, Semi-Pro, Musician, Producer, Pro Tools

Eli never disappoints and he's a master at anticipating what students require. He has helped me so much here in Groove 3. This course is A+ standard and typical of his sincerity as a teacher. (It's a pity Groove 3 provide no dates on the videos and I often have to use the reviews to see how old a series is which isn't ideal or fair in my opinion - some of which are simply so out of date, and therefore an audit is required by the editors - however all of Eli's are current and relevant). I've been putting off using PT for years purely because I felt intimidated by using "The Industry Standard" and I believed it would be too difficult. However Eil took me through it bit by bit. In other courses, I would play through each video but here I found myself having to stop during the video to try replicate what he was demonstrating. PT is not for the faint hearted but this course really takes you through from the start to get you up and running as he promised. Eli also used music which was relevant and supported his teaching. He even brought in a live guitarist for the course which says a lot about Eli's professionalism and dedication. (Some other Groove3 authors are using music that is simply paltry and totally unsuitable for demonstration purposes - perhaps for copyright reasons but that's still no excuse - however this problem does not apply here with Eli - I believe the editors should listen to the supporting music before they sign off on the series and see if it's helpful or even related). I only have one recommendation on this which is the Automation section where I felt it could have done with an extra video (at least) as it was the only one that went over my head and I will need to explore further. I know this isn't an in-depth look but Automation is often the reason folk switch to PT. Also this course could not be understood by total beginners but PT is not really a beginner's DAW and Eli had no option in my opinion but to deliver the course on the understanding that the student understood at least DAW terminology and basic processes. Would have loved a tutorial on using Video but that's just me. This course is worth the money. Had I gotten the Automation better grasped I'd have given him 5 stars but 4.5 from me (as Mr McLoughlin will tell you) is very good. Finally I missed Eli's familiar "God Bless" at the end! Eli Krantzberg is a gift to music, period.

Great clear speech but would help tremendously if spoken a little slower as less is more, your a teacher at school and a great one too, you don't need to be that racing driver on the track

  • 01. Welcome To ProTools
  • 02. Creating A Session And Basic Setup
  • 03. Creating New Tracks
  • 04. Understanding The Edit Modes
  • 05. Edit Tool Basics
  • 06. Edit Window Overview
  • 07. Mix Window Flyover
  • 08. Basic Transport Functions
  • 09. Click Countoff Tempo Meter And More
  • 10. Getting Started With Effects PlugIns
  • 11. Send Return Effects Setup
  • 12. Getting Started With Track Presets
  • 13. Recording MIDI
  • 14. Recording MIDI Using The On Screen Keyboard
  • 15. MIDI Merge Recording And Quantizing
  • 16. Loop Recording MIDI
  • 17. Retrospective MIDI Record Input Quantize
  • 18. MIDI Punch Recording
  • 19. MIDI Step Recording
  • 20. Setting Up A Headphone Mix
  • 21. Monitoring Modes
  • 22. Counter Ranges Selections
  • 23. Recording Multiple Takes Of Electric Guitar
  • 24. Loop Recording Live Guitar Solo
  • 25. Punch In Recording
  • 26. Matching Alternates And Match Criteria
  • 27. Playlists And Comping
  • 28. Getting Started With Basic Folder Tracks
  • 29. Basic MIDI Editing In Notes View
  • 30. MIDI Editor Window QuickStart
  • 31. Introduction To Elastic Audio
  • 32. Basic Timeline Clip Editing
  • 33. Memory Locations
  • 34. Working With Groups
  • 35. Clip Based Effects
  • 36. Clip Gain
  • 37. Commit Tracks
  • 38. SettingUp Multi Output Software Instruments
  • 39. Routing Folders
  • 40. Side Chain Processing
  • 41. Audio Suite Processing
  • 42. Getting Started With Real Time Automation
  • 43. Automation Drawing And Editing QuickStart
  • 44. Keyboard Shortcuts
  • 45. Sharing Your Music
  • 46. Aux IO
  • 47. Melodyne AR AIntegration
  • 48. Other Enhancements
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